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Amazing Health Benefits Of White Tea


Due to its delicate taste and beautiful flavor, White Tea in recent times has gained worldwide acceptance. In addition to the beautiful aroma and taste, there are numerous health benefits for your body that makes this tea a must have in your cupboard!!

While the benefits of Green tea is well known, recent researches have found out that its white cousin can is more effective in terms of health benefits. The benefits of white tea were well known in Asia since centuries however it is only in recent times that the benefits have been backed by evidence with modern research.

Why Is White Tea So Healthy?

Because it has the highest anti-oxidant. In an interesting study conducted in 2009 study at Kingston University, out of 21 compounds that were tested, it was found that white tea has high antioxidant, anti-collagenase, and anti-elastase properties.

Catechin is a sub-type of polyphenol anti-oxidants that is responsible for most of the health benefits of tea. Since white tea is the least processed type of tea, it is richer in catechin than all types of tea including Green tea. Antioxidants very important for good health. They protect us from free radicals, fight harmful inflammation, improve cardiovascular health, reduce our risk of chronic disease like cancer etc.



White Tea Has Least Caffeine content

Compared to coffee or any other beverage, white tea has the least caffeine content. So, while drinking white tea will make you more alert and energetic (good benefits of caffeine), you will not have the side effects of caffeine like dizziness, anxiety, insomnia etc. So, when you feel sleepy, you can safely gulp down white tea without worrying about the harmful effect of caffeine.

High Level of amino acid L-theanine

White tea has a high level of an important amino acid, L-theanine. This amino acid is known for numerous health benefits. It helps with weight management, improves alertness and concentration, relieves stress and much more.

White Tea Has Anti-bacterial qualities

White tea is very powerful in killing bacteria. Even more than Green tea. It is thus highly useful for someone suffering from tooth decay, plaques or bad breath as it can kill the bacteria easily. White tea also has a small amount of fluoride which helps in keeping your tooth and gum healthy too.

White Tea Improves Your Heart Health & Reduce Blood pressure

According to a recent study, just 2 cups of white tea daily can reduce your chance of heart attack by 50%. This is because white tea helps reduce bad cholesterol level and improve artery and blood vessel functions. It also reduces blood pressure levels significantly. So, you should generously share this natural drink with your colleagues at work.

White Tea Helps Fight Cancer

White tea contains anti-oxidant flavonoids which suppress the growth of cancer cells. It is thus highly effective to fight against many types of cancer. In some studies, it has been found to be as effective as prescription drugs.

Drinking White Gives You Healthier Skin & Stronger Bones

Drinking white on regular basis helps you with greater bone density. So, if you are suffering from any form of arthritis or osteoporosis it’s better you get into the habit of drinking white tea. White tea also helps fight free radicals from sun, poor diet, stress and prevents wrinkles and pre-mature aging.

Are there any side-effects of drinking white tea?

Although white tea has amazing benefits and a perfect tonic from nature, you must drink in moderate amount. If you are planning to drink white tea ( which also has caffeine) be sure to check with your healthcare advisor as to what would be the safe amount to drink daily especially if you are an expecting mom or someone on medication.

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