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Which tea is best for Milk tea?

When we look at different tea consumer behaviour, the popularity of green tea is tremendously growing in the current era. We already know how people are fond of the variety, and see it as a sign of fitness; mainly to lose weight. Nevertheless, when it comes to taste and likeness, we cannot hold back from getting a cup of milk tea. Milk and tea have been a trusted pair for hundreds of years, which is consumed in different parts of the world.

Making tea with milk isn’t as easy as we think. Different flavours of milk with a diverse range of tea varieties available in the market, sometimes make it challenging to find our perfect cup of tea. Certainly, we will find a change in taste if we make tea using different milk (cow, goat, oats and other milk varieties).

How to prepare tea with milk?

For most people who don’t follow vegetarian or vegan diets, cow’s milk is the integral element that is used to prepare the drink. Other common milk used by people is semi-skimmed or dairy-free milk. Next, considering the tea type is essential. For instance, dark brown or dark red coloured tea is referred to as strong tea, whereas orange-brown coloured tea is light. Consequently, the perfect mixture of flavoured milk and tea notes results in the ideal beverage.

Let’s check some of the best tea for milk tea below:

1) Black Tea:

This is one of the best tea types to serve with whole milk. Black tea such as Assam tea or Darjeeling tea is to be consumed well with creamier milk. One can certainly try the mixture with goat milk to add a salty taste to their cup of tea.

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2) Oolong Tea:

Oolong tea is popularly known to be consumed without milk or sugar; it is considered somewhat closer to green or black tea. However, adding milk for tea preparation brings a delicious taste to your cup. Due to its light texture, it is ideal to use semi-skimmed or dairy-free milk; whole milk will be too heavy for the mixture.

Relatively, walnut, almond, macadamia or rice milk can be used with the tea mixture too.

3) Masala Tea:

It is another tea type that is immensely favoured by tea lovers. The tea mixture flourishes its taste with whole milk. One can certainly use semi-skimmed milk with the mixture keeping the water ratio low; for a better creamier drink. It is a perfect example of a milk tea, rather than a tea with milk. Use the regular boiling process to prepare the drink rather than steeping.

4) Green Tea:

Yes, one can certainly add milk to their green tea recipe to indulge a milky taste. Generally, the tea type is consumed without milk; however, exceptions are there. Some of the green tea that goes best with milk are Kashmiri Chai and Matcha Latte. Use whole or plant-based milk to get a delicious cup of tea.

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