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Top 3 Most Favorite & Popular Tea Flavors in India

If someone asks about the most ancient beverage on the planet, the answer would be nothing but tea. Tea is a type of beverage that is made by soaking dried leaves in the water. There are different tea flavors or varieties such as oolong tea, black tea, green tea, rooibos tea, and herbal tea. Most tea varieties come from the Camellia Sinensis Species of plant. While on the other hand, some tea types do not even contain tea leaves at all.

Here are the top three tea types; you should try once, and you will love these best tea India. These are the most popular tea types globally as they contain lots of benefits regarding health, skin, and many more.

1. Green Tea

You might not know this, but green tea is considered as one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. The making of tea contains lots of antioxidants that have many health advantages, as mentioned below.

1) It improves overall brain functioning.
2) It helps you in the fat loss process
3) Green tea enables you to protect against cancer
4) It lowers the risk related to heart disease.

5 Best Green Tea Flavors at Indiastea

1) Assam Green Mist Blend Tea

The tea flavor is best if you want a tea-like liquor smooth. Also, have a piece of sandwich with the awesome Assam green mist blend tea.

2) Assam Platonic Green Tea

The tea contains lots of antioxidants and has a good immunizer.

3) Darjeeling Astringent Green Tea

The flavor and health go hand in hand with this super quality of Darjeeling astringent green tea with many antioxidants. It is one of the best Darjeeling Green Tea in India.

4) Darjeeling Seasoned Green Tea

This perfect combination of excellent ingredients will let you know the taste of the northeast part of India and make you enjoy the best Darjeeling green tea in India.

5) Darjeeling Ultimate Green Escapade Tea

It is the finest solution to your daily uncertain morning routine. The flavors are incredibly excellent with its gentle seasoning.

2. Black Tea

Apart from water, Black tea is the most consumed type of beverage in the world. It comes from the camellia sinensis plant. The foremost reason why it is the most special type of tea is that it contains more caffeine than other tea types; but less caffeine than coffee.

There are tons of benefits of having black tea, such as it has antioxidant properties that reduce the risk of chronic disease. Also, it helps you improve your overall health.

5 Best Black Tea Flavors available at Indiastea – Online Tea Brand in India

1) Assam Black Vintage Infusion Tea

If you like the taste of tea like earthy and bittersweet, then this black tea flavor is for those who want medium tea’s caffeine level.

2) Assam Brisky Black Sip Tea

Assam Brisky black sip tea is perfect for someone who wants to make his teatime worth relishing. The odor of the tea is boldly noted as malt.

3) Assam Nonchalant Black Tea

The smell of the tea is heavenly sweet, along with little bitter notes. The taste is excellent and could be the best for your early morning tea option.

4) Classic Darjeeling Black Cascade Tea

This tea flavor involves bodied, refreshing, and bright ingredients to make it a perfect tea for every household.

5) Darjeeling Autumn Cryptic Black Tea

It is a classic flavor of black tea that has a well balanced aromatic odor.

3. White Tea

Same as black tea, it is made of the camellia sinensis plant. The uniqueness of the tea is that its tea leaves are picked before they are fully grown. White is the least processed than the other two tea types, so the number of antioxidants is high in white tea.

White tea could also help you in your weight loss journey and reduce the heart disease risk.

3 Best White Tea Flavors Available at Indiastea

1) Bai Mu Dan – Peony White Tea

The aroma of this flavor is light and smokey that has low astringency and a clean taste.

2) Loose Silver Needles White Tea

If you like to have a misty and mellow taste, the Loose Solver Needles White Tea is perfect for you.

3) North East Mid-Summer White Tea

The tea is fantasy in itself as its taste is delicately sweet and a flavor of sweet grass and citrus.

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