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Tea Self Help hacks:


Clean carpets/ antique rugs: clean up musty, dirty carpets or your Delicate Persian and Oriental rugs by sprinkling dry, used tea leaves on the carpet. allow them to work their magic for about ten minutes, so vacuum them up.

Shine wood floors: tea leaf contains tannin which may facilitate shine and color hardwood flooring. Follow your regular floor cleaning routine by carefully rubbing some brewed tea into the floor and see the magic once it dries. Brewed tea can also facilitate clean and shine wood furniture. Dip a soft fabric in a bit of tea, and use it to wipe down the tables, chairs and a lot of.

Eliminate fishy smells: preparing to rinse your hands with tea once making ready fish or using (or the other pungent foods) to eliminate those odors off your hands. rather than exploitation of sodium bicarbonate (or perhaps in addition), you’ll be able to also attempt using used tea bags in the fridge to soak up odors. Likewise, used tea leaves will facilitate deodorize litter boxes also.


Soothing sunburn and blisters: Wet teabags may be applied on sunburn have an effect on parts of your body. It soothes sunburns and alternative minor burns. For full-body sunburn, it’s suggested to soak bathtub tea bath. It may soothe razor burn. A Hot teabag is rumored to put off infections once left on fever blisters.

Soothe tired eyes: Wet, warm teabags will cut back lump and soothe pain around your tired eyes — and teabags on your eyes look a touch less ridiculous than cucumber slices. you’ll be able to additionally use warm, wet teabags as a compress to appease the pain of conjunctivitis.

Dye hair: Brewed tea is also a good natural hair coloring. Combine rosemary and sage into dark tea leaf and let the mixture stand long. Strain the combo and completely work it into your hair. Repeat as required for the specified color.

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