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With several varieties in tea flavours and added health benefits, tea consumption has escalated around the globe. In the wake of this, the world’s second largest tea company, Tata Global Beverages (TGB), has announced on 31st October plans of launching a tea café in Bengaluru. The company, a partner of the esteemed Tata Group has expressed the will to capitalize on the growing consumption of tea in metro cities.

Tata Cha, the upcoming label will open up three more outlets in the city and will look to future avenues depending on its success. The café will initially serve freshly boiled tea as Indians are a big fan of it.

According to BBC News, India consumes 837,000 tonnes of tea per annum. This compliments the Tea Industry scene of India – which shown impressive development within the country as new ‘chai startups’ are emerging everywhere.

It is unsurprising that a brand like Tata will build on its prospects in a certain rising trade or lifestyle product. Hence, it is right to say that Tata Cha has successfully targeted the urban young Indians at a time when café culture is sprouting up all over the country.

Chaayos, Chai Point, TeaBox, Chai Thela are examples.

TGB has earlier attempted at launching a kiosk-format ‘Chai Unchai’ in 2009, with a $1.4 billion turnover. In its new Bengaluru chai junction, TGB will price the desi boiled tea at Rs 50 per cup. The stores will also sell kebabs and khichdi to accompany hot tea servings.

Although street-side vendors are quite famous, very few have tried redoing it within more organised ambience. Tea startups all over country grabbed a grand opportunity while experimenting with tea café. As urban India’s appetite to drink black tea, green tea, and other varieties rise, cities like Bengaluru, Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune have invested a considerable amount in creating such ambience. These stores are usually located at corporate centres, IT parks, university campus, etc. and are cozy with soothing interiors. The chains generally offer cups between Rs 50 to Rs 70, and include patties, pastries, poha, etc. in their menu.

Global investors like Tiger Global are investing and renewing business models of café like Chaayos. Seattle-based Starbucks which entered the Indian tea market not long ago, has 100 stores now in the country.

The scene of tea café in India is set and it won’t be wrong to say these chains are here to say.


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