Orange Mint Tea

100 Gram


This is the perfect brew with a peppermint breeze of freshness. This Orange Tea comes with a hint of tangy Orange and Mint that gives you an out of the box experience.

  • 100% Natural Tea Leaves
  • No Caffeine Used
  • Detoxifies Your Body
  • Powerful Antioxidants Added

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180ml Water


80 to 90°C


1 table spoon


3 mins






This Orange Tea comes with a hint of tangy Orange and Mint that gives you an out of the box experience of this tea.


This tea detoxifies your stomach. The vitamin C and other antioxidants in orange mint make the herb beneficial for fighting free radicals that can cause cancer.

Pack of 100 grams

Have it as morning refreshment tea

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  1. Krishna Deshpande

    Great Product! The orange flavour is so refreshing it’s a good way to start my day.

  2. Ishan Patel

    I have been a fan of orange mint tea when i was in the US but in india it is really hard to find thankfully indiastea was selling it and also at such an affordable price!

  3. Bhavi Jain

    One of my favourite’s from indiastea is orange mint tea, the flavour is soo refreshing it sets me in the right mood for the day!

  4. Shivam Amin

    This orange mint tea is so amazing i ve been on a cleansing diet for the last 10 days and I’m having orange mint tea every morning and it has helped me a lot! Would definitely buy it again.

  5. Kaseed Sidhqui

    I haven’t heard of many brands selling orange mint tea so i had to try it and its amazing both for health and taste wise. Would love to try it again.

  6. Priyanka Pandey

    I tried this orange mint tea for the first time and fell in love with it! It’s so tasty

  7. Chaithra Rana

    I have been taking this orange mint tea in my fat loss diet and it has helped me a lot with it. Would definitely recommend it to others.

  8. Kareena Goyal

    My mornings are never complete without this orange mint tea i have been having this tea for a month now and its addicting in a good way

  9. Saswin Patel

    I have tried orange mint tea in coffee shops its my favourite but also they are very pricey! I was looking for alternatives so that i can have it at home and found indiastea the orange mint tea is soo goood even better than these expensive cafe’s

  10. Krish Kawshaul

    Definitely going to buy it again. The citrusy and mint flavour is too good!

  11. Pratigya Sharma

    This is the best flavour if you are looking to switch to a healthier option of tea, it has helped me with my digestion problems and it’s very effective.

  12. Aryan Mittal

    This orange mint tea is so tasty I can have it everyday plus it’s really good for health! Would definitely buy it again.

  13. Divesh Acharya

    The citrusy flavour of orange will make you feel really fresh! Have been using this orange mint tea for a month now and it really helps me to stay energetic for the day.

  14. Ananya Reddy

    I used to think all these flavours are really fancy for fancy people but the prices offered by indiastea is really amazing and the orange mint tea has a hold onto me, perfect flavour!

  15. Narayani Viswakarma

    It was my first time trying anything other than traditional Indian tea and I was not disappointed! The orange flavour is really refreshing!

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Orange Mint Tea


25 in stock