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      In the Indian lifestyle, masala tea is a must-have in many communities. It is a style of tea that everyone should try out at least once. On that note, you can get the best version of this product at Indiastea, so buy chilli masala tea online from us soon!

      We provide products that have a blend of diverse ingredients and spices to give the right amount of kick and energy. Whether you like the chilli tea flavouring or are interested to try it for the experience, order our product now. 

      Benefits of chill tea 

      The following are the best chilli tea benefits.

      • Blood circulates better 
      • Better blood pressure 
      • Easy to breathe

      The best experience of chilli tea

      When you buy chilli tea, you can expect a spicy flavour profile ahead of time. While there is a strong peppery taste to this reddish gold tea, the combination of different condiments is still extremely palatable. 

      This Assam tea type has caffeine but to a limited degree. Consume this tea with honey or completely normal, with cookies or chocolate tarts. Steep the tea only twice. 

      Order the chilli masala tea soon!


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      When it comes to flavoured drinks, one of the most popular options is chocolate. With a rich aroma and smooth sweet flavour profile, there is no surprise why this is a major choice for people wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth.  In fact, there is flavoured tea of this type available as well. 

      Chocolate tea is one of the best products available at Indiastea that you can try out; you would surely understand its appeal. With the dual effect of relaxing tea and excitable chocolate, this is a drink that would wake you and calm you every morning. 

      Specifications of Chocolate tea

      When you try out the Chocolate chai, you would notice the creamy texture and rich aroma of this beverage with every sip. Unlike most tea types, choco-flavoured tea has a slight savoury taste due to its strong aroma and texture. 

      This particular tea works with regular snacks like salted crisps. To get rid of the harsh aroma, you can try it out with milk powder and sugar. The chococolate tea has a little bit of caffeine which provides the necessary recharge. 

      Pros of having chocolate tea 

      The following are the main chocolate tea benefits all users notice after adding this tea to their everyday schedule.

      • Controlled blood pressure 
      • No toxins in the body 
      • Better weight management 
      • Higher cognitive improvement 

      Want to try it for yourself? Contact us as soon as you can.


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      A light brew that is full and smooth.

      This Tea is for those looking for lighter Teas. Though it draws back in strength and luster, with a bit of cajoling you get a cup with fluidity.

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      One of the main things that people choose tea for is for total detoxification of their body. Indeed, most tea leaves have a high quantity of antioxidants that improve the health of any user. In Kahwa green tea with a saffron hint particularly, you would find a lot of valuable elements that enhance the taste furthermore.

      Our brand Indiastea is one of the leading providers of Kahwa tea online. So, reach out to our team anytime and browse through our list of options as well.

      Benefits of Kahwa tea for users 

      The following are the best kahwa tea benefits in terms of health improvement. 

      • Better skin health 
      • Relief from a sore throat or cold 
      • Detoxified body 
      • Heart health improvement

      Why Choose to Drink Kahwa tea

      The best kahwa tea has a blend of spiciness and sweetness in this flavour. After having a drink of this every morning or evening, you would feel the taste and get a nutty aftertaste. The hint of saffron in this tea adds a little bit of spice to the drink. 

      People use kahwa tea with rice pilaf and other such snacks. You can add sugar or nuts to this drink for an added texture and taste. There is very low caffeine in this beverage, so people of any age can drink it. 

      Prepare your evening snack and make a cup of kahwa tea for refreshment. Order it now! 


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      When you think of tea, you might picture imagery of grace and etiquette. A person carefully picks up the cup and takes a delicate sip, only to sigh in content afterwards. In such a scenario, most people imagine a rich and classic tea type, like earl grey tea. 

      So, if you want to experience something similar, purchase this product version from Indiastea. There is a soft citrusy taste to it and is a suitable tea choice for older generations and new ones equally. Check what we offer first and then make your purchase. 

      Health benefits of lady grey tea

      Here are the noticeable lady grey tea benefits for users. 

      • Removes toxins from the body 
      • Skin health improvement 
      • Less tooth decay 
      • Stress relief

      What to expect 

      When you have a sip of the earl grey tea, you would note a hint of citrusy aroma to it. Taste-wise, you would notice a flavour of lemons and orange in this tea. A hint of bergamot is also present in the tea, all of which all together give a fresh and calm experience to the user. 

      Have this tea each afternoon, with a cake slice or lemon shortbread. This is a healthy option; you would notice no caffeine in it, which is good for your body. 

      If you are searching for where to buy lady grey tea, place your order with Indiastea now. 


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      One of the staple types of tea common all over India is black lemon tea. From children to adults, everyone has tasted this variety at least once. We at Indiastea, therefore, offer this chance to our customers; buy one now and experience a burst of flavour in your mouth. 

      With the combined taste of sweet and sour, lemon tea brands offer different types of this product at its highest quality. From us, you can expect only top-grade products as well, so choose the one you want to taste soon!

      Benefits of lemon tea 

      Here are the common lemon tea benefits.  

      • Less cold/flu symptoms 
      • Better immunity 
      • Heart condition improves 
      • Higher metabolism rate

      What makes our product the best?

      Buy lemon tea and enjoy the tangy fragrance of this product in the morning or evening, whenever you make it. There is a distinct lemony flavour in this tea, with a sweet taste that makes this one of the tastiest tea versions. 

      Take a salty biscuit or fritters and eat them with this tea. You can add sugar, ginger, or honey to add flavour to the team. When you buy this lemon tea online, you would not find any caffeine content here either. 

      For the best lemon tea online in India, visit our site and make your order soon!


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      For a lot of people, a cup of tea is an important refreshment and a habit they follow each morning. One of the best options that many of them select is the lemongrass tea, which offers a sensational taste and aroma. 

      Our team of professionals have years of experience working with tea production and have curated high-quality products. So, if you are looking for a perfect blend of warm lemongrass and marigold taste in your tea, purchase our lemongrass tea online. 

      What is the product?

      The product that we offer is a combination of au natural marigold flower petals with lemongrass. Together, the premium brew has a soft tangy and sweet taste. The aroma of the tea is refreshing and is useful for inner detoxification. 

      There is no amount of caffeine in the lemon grass tea. You can have a piece of rice cracker while sipping on this tea, either with no added sugar or mixed on with honey. 

      Advantages of lemongrass marigold tea 

      There are many lemon grass tea benefits for users, some of which are:

      • Antioxidant properties 
      • Anti-inflammatory benefits 
      • Antimicrobial properties 
      • Pain relief 
      • Blood pressure regulation  

      Browse through our options to buy the product with the best benefits of lemongrass tea. Have it every day or once a week for total-body nourishment. 


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      When it comes to choosing the best kind of tea flavour, people would find different types to select from. These can include basic tea leaves or a flavoured fruit-based version. If you are interested in trying something different, then buy mango flavoured tea from us as soon as possible. 

      We offer flavourful mango and acai combination tea type, with a hint of fruity taste. There are multiple marigold tea health benefits as well, so opt for this product from us.

      Health Benefits of Marigold mango tea

      The following are the best mango tea health benefits you would experience. 

      • Body cleansing from toxins 
      • Better dental hygiene 
      • Skin-centric collagen production increases 

      What to expect 

      The mango tea has a citrusy tang and has a little bit of natural sweetness with the berry taste. The ripe mango adds to the taste as well, with a smooth tangy flavouring. Have this tea before bed, either plain or with a teaspoon of honey.

      The process of making marigold tea 

      When you make marigold tea, you need to brew 180 ml of water with the tea leaves at 80-90°C. After the leaves boil and the tea turns an amber colour, turn off the heat. The total time it takes to brew this is around 3 minutes.

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      A Tea that goes through a unique process of withering and oxidation has travelled a long way just to be in your cup.

      Oolong Tea has long been famous for cutting down Chronic Health conditions, while providing key antioxidants and blessing you with sturdy skin along with a dental heath you have always dreamt of.

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      This is the perfect brew with a peppermint breeze of freshness. This Orange Tea comes with a hint of tangy Orange and Mint that gives you an out of the box experience.

      • 100% Natural Tea Leaves
      • No Caffeine Used
      • Detoxifies Your Body
      • Powerful Antioxidants Added

      Health Benefits of Orange Mint

      The following are the best Orange mint tea health benefits you would experience.

      • Head ache relief
      • Better dental hygiene
      • Energy Booster

      What to expect

      The orange mint tea has a fresh and has a little bit of natural sweetness with an Orange flavour. Have this tea before bed, either plain or with a teaspoon of honey.

      The process of making Orange mint tea

      When you make orange mint tea, you need to brew 180 ml of water with the tea leaves at 80-90°C. After the leaves boil and the tea turns an amber colour, turn off the heat. The total time it takes to brew this is around 3 minutes.

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      The queen in the flower world, the Rose, is known for its sweet fragrance and unique taste. However, did you know of its many benefits for health? Indeed, a lot of people buy rose oolong tea online in India due to its various positive effects on heart health. 

      A lot of brands do not provide the feel and taste of rose tea at the right intensity. 

      At Indiastea, you would not have that issue though. We provide high-quality black rose tea and other varieties, made with no artificial flavouring or preservatives. So, want to notice a quick improvement in your health? Opt for our premium-quality rose tea product today!

      Benefits of rose oolong tea

      There are many rose oolong tea benefits that users can expect after having a cuppa. 

      • Relief from mood swings and stress 
      • Better sleep cycle 
      • Energy improvement 
      • Reduces menopausal signs and menstrual cramps 
      • Better digestion 

      Why choose our product?

      Rose tea is known for its simple yet refreshing aroma, with a hint of sweetness. It is not overpowering to the senses, and the taste of this light taffy-coloured tea is muted but distinguishable. Many people drink it with honey or completely plain, and you can do the same.

      Want to buy rose oolong tea online and use it for your regular tea time refreshment? Visit us and make your choice soon!