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      There are different varieties of tea available in this world, that is true. Many of them have a strong taste while others are delicate in intensity. However, practically all the types give the proper amount of relaxation and sweetness, one of the best ones being Bai mu dan tea.

      At Indiastea, you would find this version in premium quality, developed under proper care and condition. There are different types of Bai mu dan tea online from brown leaves to green leaves. We deliver all of them after checking their taste first to guarantee top-quality products for our clients always.

      Benefits of Bai Mu Dan tea

      After you Buy Bai mu dan tea online, you can expect benefits like:

      • Body detoxification because of antioxidants 
      • Better liver health 
      • Dental hygiene 
      • Less inflammation

      What can you expect from the Bai Mu Dan Tea?

      After you Buy silver tea online and brew it, you would notice a light gold colouring to it. Moreover, it has a distinct light smoky fragrance that most users find delightful. You can drink this tea type at any time, and taste a clean sweet flavour. 

      There is a slightly nutty taste to this tea, so most people drink it completely plain. After you get this white silver tea online, drink it warm for the best effect. 

      Need a cup of refreshing and delicious tea? Browse through our various options, and buy the best option like a bai mu dan tea today!

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    • 100 Gram


      In the tea family, there is a wide range of options available. One of the most well-known exquisite options is silver tea. Indeed, the tea leaves appear narrow and silver, with a delicate formation. This is a common choice in the summer months and is a delicacy for many people. 

      So, if you want a taste, get the silver tea leaf online from Indiastea. The best silver tea benefits include better digestion, heart health, and weight loss support. 

      We offer high-quality products to our customers after levels of quality testing and taste tests. Expect only the best natural items from us. 

      How to prepare silver tea?

      Take a little portion of the silver tea leaves and brew them in 180 ml of water at high temperatures. Serve hot. 

      Taste and aroma of silver tea 

      After you get online silver tea, you would notice a soft misty fragrance when you start brewing it. It has a medium level of caffeine that would wake your senses and cleanse your palate after each meal. 

      The taste is very mellow with a sweetness in the early sips. In the end, the taste becomes slightly fuzzy. For the extra taste, add honey or drink as you need, or simply drink it on its own.

      Have silver tea and notice a quick improvement in your health. Visit our site and make your purchase soon!