Oolong Tea

    • 100 Gram


      A Tea that goes through a unique process of withering and oxidation has travelled a long way just to be in your cup.

      Oolong Tea has long been famous for cutting down Chronic Health conditions, while providing key antioxidants and blessing you with sturdy skin along with a dental heath you have always dreamt of.

    • 100 Gram


      The queen in the flower world, the Rose, is known for its sweet fragrance and unique taste. However, did you know of its many benefits for health? Indeed, a lot of people buy rose oolong tea online in India due to its various positive effects on heart health. 

      A lot of brands do not provide the feel and taste of rose tea at the right intensity. 

      At Indiastea, you would not have that issue though. We provide high-quality black rose tea and other varieties, made with no artificial flavouring or preservatives. So, want to notice a quick improvement in your health? Opt for our premium-quality rose tea product today!

      Benefits of rose oolong tea

      There are many rose oolong tea benefits that users can expect after having a cuppa. 

      • Relief from mood swings and stress 
      • Better sleep cycle 
      • Energy improvement 
      • Reduces menopausal signs and menstrual cramps 
      • Better digestion 

      Why choose our product?

      Rose tea is known for its simple yet refreshing aroma, with a hint of sweetness. It is not overpowering to the senses, and the taste of this light taffy-coloured tea is muted but distinguishable. Many people drink it with honey or completely plain, and you can do the same.

      Want to buy rose oolong tea online and use it for your regular tea time refreshment? Visit us and make your choice soon!