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      Alongside its mellow notes and crisp flavor, this Tea has a fascinating wholesome finesse that makes your taste bulbs swirl.

      With a strong and heavy flavor, Black Tea makes for a true complement to your ‘want more’ crier. Its restrained, rounded and with a great balance of flavors, making it an infatuation among Tea addicts.

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      If you are planning to make your Tea time worth relishing, definitely start with this Tea.

      The Tea leaves pass through a series of cylindrical rollers with serrated blades that crush, tear and curl the leaves so as to give us the finest sipping experience.

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      Each sip of this Tea takes you on an imaginary voyage.

      Made with the finest leaves, this Tea is light-bodied and everyone’s cuppa. Its tender and smoky flavor strikes against your palate, giving it a reason to relish upon.

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      Wary of having a cuppa that goes through the withering and oxidation process? then you have set your eyes on the perfect option to go with.

      This Tea with the tag of ‘power house’, owing to its nature, flavor and scent, sets the mood soaring high.

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      A cup of Tea which is not everyone’s cup of Tea

      This unfermented Green Tea belongs to the foot hills of the Himalayas. Being rich in antioxidants, it is a good immunizer.

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      There are different varieties of tea available in this world, that is true. Many of them have a strong taste while others are delicate in intensity. However, practically all the types give the proper amount of relaxation and sweetness, one of the best ones being Bai mu dan tea.

      At Indiastea, you would find this version in premium quality, developed under proper care and condition. There are different types of Bai mu dan tea online from brown leaves to green leaves. We deliver all of them after checking their taste first to guarantee top-quality products for our clients always.

      Benefits of Bai Mu Dan tea

      After you Buy Bai mu dan tea online, you can expect benefits like:

      • Body detoxification because of antioxidants 
      • Better liver health 
      • Dental hygiene 
      • Less inflammation

      What can you expect from the Bai Mu Dan Tea?

      After you Buy silver tea online and brew it, you would notice a light gold colouring to it. Moreover, it has a distinct light smoky fragrance that most users find delightful. You can drink this tea type at any time, and taste a clean sweet flavour. 

      There is a slightly nutty taste to this tea, so most people drink it completely plain. After you get this white silver tea online, drink it warm for the best effect. 

      Need a cup of refreshing and delicious tea? Browse through our various options, and buy the best option like a bai mu dan tea today!

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      In the Indian lifestyle, masala tea is a must-have in many communities. It is a style of tea that everyone should try out at least once. On that note, you can get the best version of this product at Indiastea, so buy chilli masala tea online from us soon!

      We provide products that have a blend of diverse ingredients and spices to give the right amount of kick and energy. Whether you like the chilli tea flavouring or are interested to try it for the experience, order our product now. 

      Benefits of chill tea 

      The following are the best chilli tea benefits.

      • Blood circulates better 
      • Better blood pressure 
      • Easy to breathe

      The best experience of chilli tea

      When you buy chilli tea, you can expect a spicy flavour profile ahead of time. While there is a strong peppery taste to this reddish gold tea, the combination of different condiments is still extremely palatable. 

      This Assam tea type has caffeine but to a limited degree. Consume this tea with honey or completely normal, with cookies or chocolate tarts. Steep the tea only twice. 

      Order the chilli masala tea soon!


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      When it comes to flavoured drinks, one of the most popular options is chocolate. With a rich aroma and smooth sweet flavour profile, there is no surprise why this is a major choice for people wanting to satisfy their sweet tooth.  In fact, there is flavoured tea of this type available as well. 

      Chocolate tea is one of the best products available at Indiastea that you can try out; you would surely understand its appeal. With the dual effect of relaxing tea and excitable chocolate, this is a drink that would wake you and calm you every morning. 

      Specifications of Chocolate tea

      When you try out the Chocolate chai, you would notice the creamy texture and rich aroma of this beverage with every sip. Unlike most tea types, choco-flavoured tea has a slight savoury taste due to its strong aroma and texture. 

      This particular tea works with regular snacks like salted crisps. To get rid of the harsh aroma, you can try it out with milk powder and sugar. The chococolate tea has a little bit of caffeine which provides the necessary recharge. 

      Pros of having chocolate tea 

      The following are the main chocolate tea benefits all users notice after adding this tea to their everyday schedule.

      • Controlled blood pressure 
      • No toxins in the body 
      • Better weight management 
      • Higher cognitive improvement 

      Want to try it for yourself? Contact us as soon as you can.


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      Its medium bodied, bright and refreshing eminence makes it the ‘every household Tea’

      Often blended with ceylon which gives it a light and brisk quality, it forays into becoming a household name.

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      When you have this brew, then coffee is not your cup of Tea.

      This Green Tea is full of antioxidants. It is a rare combination of taste and health, where flavor and health go hand in hand. This brew is a great option for sundays after brunch nuptial.

    • 100 Gram


      This morning Tea makes yesterday distant.

      A class of Tea having a well balanced flavor outlook. It is not too tart nor too astringent, but mellow enough to bring your day to a standstill.

    • 100 Gram


      Here is a Tea that settles down under any variations.

      Its graded broken small leaf varies from brown to blackish brown well rolled with a few tips. The liquor is smooth on the tongue with an orangish cup.