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How to perfectly brew Silver Needle White Tea

Choosing the perfect Teapot: when selecting a pot within which to brew your Silver Needle white tea, we tend to extremely recommend that you just use a clear glass pot so you’ll be able to see the attractive Silver Needle tea leaves floating and dancing through the water, that is termed “Tea Dancing” in China, or “The Agony of the Leaves” in America. By brewing your Silver Needle white tea in an exceeding glass teapot, you’ll be able to totally relish the aesthetic experience of your tea also.

Adding Tea to Your Teapot:
Add roughly five tablespoons of Silver Needle tea into the teapot. modify the number of tea you add to your pot to make the flavor which you relish the foremost. If you like your it stronger, you’ll like to add a lot of leaves, or if you like a gentle brew, you’ll like to use fewer leaves in your production.

Add Water to Your Teapot:
Silver Needle white tea is best brewed at a constant temperature as alternative white teas, together with your water at approximately 80 ºC (180 ºF). Steeping time for your Silver Needle white tea ought to be between 3-5 minutes to induce the complete flavor from your tea leaves. As Silver Needle white tea is formed from the buds (top shoots) of the tea plant alone, the leaves are highly delicate in nature, hence adding water that is too hot, or even boiling water, can scorch and damage the leaves as well as damaging the healthy properties of the leaves. If you use too hot of water, the resulting tea would be dark yellow with a very bitter astringent taste, and absolutely no nutritionary benefit.

Serving Your Silver Needle White Tea:
Once you complete brewing your Silver Needle white tea, strain the leaves from the pot and pour the liquor into your individual cup or cups to relish the refreshfully light mellow sweet flavor of the Silver Needle white tea.

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