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Looking For Ideal Corporate Gift Options? Indiastea Got You

Our Indian culture is full of festivities and celebrations all year round. There’s always someone’s wedding around the corner, or a house warming ceremony. Sometimes, it’s a loved one’s anniversary or it can be just to cheer up or a get well soon gift. Too many occasions that require me to brainstorm what to gift the loved ones.

Don’t worry Indiastea has got your back!

We got a perfect corporate gift that is fitting for every occasion – our TEA!

Nothing can beat a steaming cup of tea especially in a country where tea runs in our veins.

Why Does Indiastea Make An Ideal Gift Option?

1. Corporate gift:

Companies gifting their employees’ stationeries or tee shirts are cool, but imagine your employee all exhausted sitting at home or office burning the midnight oil or someone who just got off from hours of long meetings. What do they need to beat the stress off? A little tea break indeed. A cup of tea either while working or during a break can boost anyone up as no energy drink can. Not to forget the other health benefits that tea brings. Gift it to your team, gift it to your employee, gift it to your colleague; as a token of appreciation for their hard work.

Our Indiastea Premium Flavoured Tea makes a great choice for corporate gifting. An assortment of carefully blended flavoured tea picked right from the tea gardens in Darjeeling.

2. House Warming Ceremonies & Anniversaries:

The whole idea behind these celebrations is to create and revisit new memories. What can be better than sitting with a warm cup of tea surrounded by your loved ones and the whole room filled with ringing laughter?

By getting them our hand-picked finest Darjeeling Tea, you’re not only giving them a gift but also helping them create even more happy memories.

3. In Health & Sickness:

When visiting a sick or recovering person most are not sure what is appropriate to get for them. While most go for fruits, there are chances that the patient won’t be able to stomach it or the fruits cannot be stored for a long time. A good tea, while helps settle the stomach after sickness, also provides the body with much-needed warmth and plenty of healthy benefits. The plus point is that it can be easily consumed and stored for a long time.

Bringing someone our Indiastea flavoured tea blended with medicinal flowers, spices, and oils with a sweet note will be a wholesome sign of love and care.

Gifts are not always about expensive or fancy stuff. Sometimes, the simplest of things with a meaning behind them holds a lot of value; be it an anniversary gift, mothers’ day gift, or secret Santa gift.

Check out the various health benefits of drinking tea:

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INDIASTEA, a tea brand in India, sells tea online procured directly from the tea gardens in Assam, Darjeeling, Nepal, and Nilgiris. The tea leaves grown are tended to with care and are carefully handpicked and processed by the local workers to reach you.
Order tea online from our store and get it delivered anywhere in India.

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