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Know-How About Your Favorite Chocolate Tea

With ‘Chocolate’ comes in bundle of emotions and fantasy to all those sweet fanatics and to top it all just imagine savouring on a cup of Chocolate tea. Yes you read it correct, a tea to bask in is finally here, Chocolate tea with its hard hitting aroma and chocolaty taste takes you on the threshold of eternity. The tea leaves are carefully plucked with tender hands of Assam and sealed with utmost inclination towards tea lovers. This tea takes you on the hammock of your childhood when eating chocolate to your heart’s content invited parental chides.


  In its first sip the tea tastes semi-sweet and as you go along, it will prove to be a rejuvenating potion.The tea firstly keeps you engaged with its chocolate serum flavour and then surprisingly brings in a malty toned twist that lingers down your throat. Chocolate tea comes to your rescue when you are having fitness goal thus, letting you enjoy chocolate even in your No-Chocolate days.


The blending of this elixir is no big deal, just a simple procedure and you are bang on- Of course simple for those who know how to prepare a cuppa!

  • keep 2-3 cups of water(or as required)on stove until it comes to a boil.
  • add 1 tsp of tender chocolate tea leaves to the water.
  • keep sugar quantity low, being chocolate tea leaves it has natural sweetener.
  • let the potion simmer for a few minutes.

   Kudos, your chocolate tea is ready!

   You can enjoy the tea with nutty junkies and salty crisps to complement its chocolaty tone.

The speciality of this tea also lies in the fact that it can be enjoyed by a child as well, in cases if you want to supplement his chocolaty addiction with this tea. Chocolate tea is one such teas from the lot that can even make a non-tea lover go weak in his knees, he just needs to sniff it and the rest will follow. Its not just a tea but a suffusion of emotions and cravings that keeps you hooked up till its last drop. So guys, come together to drown yourselves in the nashville of happiness and revival- With this Chocolate tea, taste chocolate without tasting it.

Stay hooked up to our blogs and have a happy tea-time guys.

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