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1) Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, water being the first.

2) The discovery of Tea itself was an accident: It was discovered in 3727 BCE when a leaf accidentally fell in the Chinese emperor’s bowl.

3) Tea tasting is very much like wine tasting. It is one of the highest paid jobs in the world.

4) Consuming unflavoured good quality green tea is any day better than the flavoured ones. Be sure to assure the quality before you buy green tea online.

5) black tea are often preserved for longer periods of time, which is why China would trade black tea with the rest of the world. So, while the Chinese still consume green tea, the remaining countries consume black tea.

6) For centuries tea was considered a medicine before it became an everyday drink.

7) Moist tea leaves act as natural mosquito repellents.

8) The less processed the tea leaf, the greater the antioxidants. This means that green tea has more antioxidants than black tea. White tea is the least processed has the maximum antioxidants.

9) Tea bags were discovered accidentally: A vendor was selling tea in small silk bags, people, not knowing how to use it ended up dipping it directly in the teapot.

10) Herbal Tea is not actually tea.
It is an infusion of roots, barks, flowers, leaves, and seeds of a plant called Camellia Sinensis.

11) In ancient times tea was so expensive that they were locked up in tea chests, guarded by the lady of the house.

12) It is better to Buy Loose Green Tea Online- as they remain good for 2 years or more.

13) Matcha is a variety of green tea which is known to increase your rate of metabolism. You can purchase this variety of Organic Green Tea Online.

14) Ginger tea, when consumed in the morning, can take care of morning sickness and cold.

15) The start of The American Revolution is marked with the Boston Tea Party.

16) Tea absorbs moisture, It is advised to preserve tea in sealed (if possible porcelain) containers.

17) The art of reading tea leaves is called tasseography. In Asia, It is said; Tea readers can predict your future. Stir your last sip 3 times and the pattern it leaves behind will tell you what’s in store for you in the future.

18) The best green tea is from the harvest from the first harvest (late April- early May).

19) Chrysanthemum tea helps reduce headaches and fever.

20) The leaves from raspberry can be brewed to make a fruity, herbal tea.

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