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Pineapple Vanilla Iced Tea:

Are you one of those who can’t live without having tea? And is the sultry weather ruining it for you that you don’t feel like having anything hot going down your throat?

Well, this summer try our new Pineapple Vanilla flavoured Iced Tea!
Vanilla is said to be the most preferred flavour when it comes to beverages and desserts after chocolate of course. Indiastea brings to you a fusion flavour of fruity pineapple and subtle vanilla in one drink
We have incorporated both health and flavour into one drink for you this summer.
Read on and try it at home:
2 Cups of Water
2 tablespoon of Sugar/Honey (as per your preference)
½ Cup Milk cream
1/s Tsp Vanilla essence
1 Tsp Pineapple Vanilla Tea
1 In a deep saucepan add water. Put the saucepan on the stove and heat it on a medium flame.
2 Once the water starts boiling, add in the Pineapple vanilla tea. Let is brew steep for 5-7 minutes before you strain it.
3. Add in the sugar and stir the mixture. Also, add in the vanilla essence while you continue to stir in order to mix it uniformly.
4. Add in the milk cream and give it a whisk.
5. Add in a few ice cubes. Dust a little matcha powder and your pineapple vanilla tea are all ready to be served.
[You can even refrigerate it the whole day so that your family can enjoy as and when the heat drains their energy.]

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