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Gift Ideas

If you have a friend who loves tea and you are planning to gift something special. Or say you are choosing a gift for your family who loves sipping tea.  What better idea can it be beside gifting something that they like?

Here we have collected some of the best tea gifts you can get to make drinking tea less of a daily activity and more of an art form. Impress your friends with these gifts, they are not only practical, they are also classy.


Part tea:

These teapots have five sprouts. It is the perfect things to be around when your friend is hosting a tea party.  With this teapot you can fill up five cups in a single serve. It wiul be a great accessory to flaunt during tea-party.

Chinese teapot:

Like most of the art from in China, their teapots are intricately and beautifully designed. They are often made of Porcelain and the decorative illustration that covers the pot are usually of scenic landscapes and sometimes if you give a good glance it will even tell a story.


Jaws Tea Infuser:

Make your friend relive his scariest nightmare with this tea infuser design to make it look like a shark attack has taken place inside of his mug. The fin is made up of silicon and it floats above the hot water while the red tea comes out of the bottom end and looks like blood.


Penguin Tea Timer:

This is the best gift for the tea lovers who dip his tea bag and gets distracted. It might be painful for them who do not like the hard flavor. But no worry here is a wonderful and adorable solution to all common tea problems. This tea steeping penguin perfectly steeps your tea and even takes the bag out of the cup when it is done. This will make him love his tea more.


Japanese “Genmaicha”:

Japanese tea merchant Ippodo offers “Genmaicha” in an eminently gift-able package that marks the tradition of drinking “good luck” or “Great Fortune Tea” to welcome the incoming new year. A great gift for New Year to tea-geeks.  Surely they will love the savory, anytime flavors of brown rice and green tea that Genmaicha offer and this gentle but assertive offering is a great representation. And it comes in a decorative, reusable tin!

Colour Changing Kettle:

On first glance, these Kettles appears to be very plain and uninteresting but when you boil water in them interestingly blue graphics will magically appear on them right before your eyes. The emerge graphics lets you know that the water is hot enough for your tea.


Mr Tea:

Mr tea is here to save your lonely friend from being lonely in the cold nights, your friend will be entertained and occupied with this stuff. The bottom half of Mr. Tea is meant to function as a tea bag and the top is designed as a companion for you.


Eco Tea Cup:

Eco tea cup has a different space that locks and keeps the tea bags fresh and without altering the flavor.  Their design is also helpful if you want to keep the tea bags in a different compartment.

Tea Go:

Does your friend ever wish that he/ she could bring tea with her anywhere she wants it in a comfortable manner. If so than Tea Go will be the salutation to your friend’s problem. With this infuser, your friend can pick his best tea leaves in an airtight container. But also don’t forget to have access to hot water and a cup.


Metal tea:

Design in a monstrosity fashion but fully functional teapot. This item is a great topic starter and neat gift for someone who is a fan of Metal music along with tea. It can also be a decorative item or an ideal serving tea port.




Tea infuser Mug Set:

Handmade items are always adorable. This beautiful mug set has manually drawn and painted ceramic mug set. The infuser is dishwasher and microwave safe. The infuser is designed so that the leaves are properly dissolved all the flavor into the water. You also have a lid which keeps the tea hot for a long time.


This teapot takes brewing tea to a new level. You can enjoy the visual experience of brewing the tea.  All you need to do is just put some tea leaves into the hot water of the Sorapot.


Bugatti Kettle:

Buggati is an another name for high quality and its high-tech Buggati kettle keep up to the expectation. This hi-tech kettle has controls over the functions of tea making process. The kettle has the caliber to boil from 45 degrees to 100 degree Celsius, giving you a perfect quality brewed tea. It can also be customized and programmed to let you know when the tea is brewed.


Rotary kettle:

The kettle was designed with a physically impaired idea. once the water is boiled you need to slightly tilt the kettle and you will be served with tea. With this kettle you don’t need to pick up and pour the tea, this will be very helpful when you are reading your favorite book.



Like the name suggest the sinking capability, but this infuser is exceptional from its name. In this infuser, silicon is used which is safe for consumption. It is also convenient for use and is also dishwasher secure. You just need to put the tea leaves in the container and watch it steep your tea.


Tea coffin:

You must have experienced sometimes when you steep your tea and you don’t find an ideal place to dispose of the tea bags. Especially, when you are some where where you can’t find a bin. Well to save you from such experiences tea coffin is made. Tea coffin has solved it as now you can keep your used tea bag under your cup, without messing up the place.


The Tea Cyclopedia:

A book was written by Dr. Keith Souter who is also a medical writer as well as a tea geek.  In this book, he tackles the many-times-traversed but not always the accessible land of tea education books. This book covers vast topics from history to mocktail recipes and varieties. He also has written Carl Jung and the art of tasseography that will be real help to your tea lover friend.



This tea infuser is the best mixture of quality and ease. With this new innovation, you can fill the stick with your favorite tea and dip it into the hot water. The tea leaves get drowned at the bottom of the cup giving it the best possible flavor in the tea.

Russian silver tea holder:

This was the most common type of tea glass in Russia until the late 1970s, due to the fact that the faceted glass was more durable. The holder is beautifully decorated and insulates the tea. They’re still popular today on Russian railways because they provide a safer method of tea-drinking in motion, and can be purchased as souvenirs.  A perfect gift for a person who likes historical things.


Test Tube Tea:

We all have one friend who is interested in science and is also a tea lover, and to gift, such person Test tube tea is the best idea. Test tube tea is a glass infuser which is equipped with a wooden handle and resembles a test tube. This will surely make him the coolest scientist in the lab.


Herbal Tea Kit:

This organic tea set with a layout of nine herbs and three different varieties of pure organic green tea from all over the world. Best gift for tea lover family and friend. Surely you will enjoy all the varieties of tea wich are Eco-certified for its pureness.


Heart shaped tea set:

What better gift for a tea lover than a pretty tea set with a touch of whimsy? The colorful gold-rimmed teacups have an indent so that when the cup is full it makes a heart shape. The variety of colors allows you to mix and match to your heart’s content.




Russian Samovar:

Russia is well known for its tradition of loving tea. The infuser is shaped like a samovar that was used to boil water for tea. They can be incredibly decorative and costly or very simple and cheap. Earlier the water was heated with charcoal but the latest one electricity for heating the water. They are very common in Russia and will be a unique piece of gift for your tea enthusiast friend.


The Tea Towel:

Perfect for those who are obsessed with tea. The tea towel has printed tea related quotation and phrases in an artistic manner. This smart infographic tea towel is cute and instructive at the same time. The towel is thick and is made of absorbent cotton. Surely everyone will like this and will be a great topic starter.


Flowering tea:

Though you might not be amazed at the flowering tea, before it is steeped with hot water. The flowering tea is nothing but a sack of tea leaves which is tied with a dried flower. You need to put it into a hot water and wait for a second until the flower blooms and in the process, the tea is infused.

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