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Drink tea before bed!

Ever heard of bed-time teas?

I don’t want to sound crazy that’s why I’m here to tell you what ‘sleepy tea’ really is in case you’ve been thinking all this while that tea only helps you to pull off an all-nighter without a single wink at all!

Certain ingredients, when mixed in tea help you relax and promote sound sleep. When purchasing your preferred flavor, you might want to check out the ingredients section and look out for these few to help you sleep peacefully at night:

Chamomile:   Chamomile, a white-pedaled daisy-like flower has been around for centuries. This flowering herb is typically dried and steeped into a tea helping to sooth and relax the body. Nicknamed “sleep tea”, chamomile is a very mild flavored tea and has been consumed for its ability to help you sleep.

Lavender: This purple-flowered plant is one of the most popular and traditional aroma therapies to induce sleep in a variety of ages and genders. Clinical evidence, has also over the years, suggested lavender brings an overall better quality of sleep. It is most effective on women, younger people, and those with mild insomnia.

Lavender induces sleep

Spearmint and peppermint: For individuals who have trouble sleeping due to stomach troubles like gas or indigestion, drinking a tea with spearmint or peppermint offers relief. The taste is delicious and content is caffeine free, hence boosting the length of sleep.

Fennel: Fennel is known to relax muscles and aid in stomach problems like gas and bloating, which is why it may be added to bedtime teas to reduce these symptoms.

So what are you waiting for?

Try out the above flavours and have a good night-time-sleep.

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