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Vanilla Chai Potpourri DIY

Bring the mélange of tea and spices to life; Simmering Vanilla Chai Potpourri will enchant your home with a spicy essence of holidays, and of course, the scent of freshly brewed chai!
Place the contents in a simmering pot of water over a regular stove top, on a hot plate or you could even use an open crockpot. Pack it into cello bags or in mason jars and the dry mix makes a homey and original gift for any occasion

Simmering Vanilla Chai Potpourri

Recipe Makes 1 jar.

What Would You Need:

5 lemon or orange slices, dried
5 cinnamon swirls or sticks
1 Tablespoon dried ginger pieces
1/2 Tablespoon cardamom
1 Tablespoon peppercorns
1/2 Tablespoon cloves
1 star anise
5 drops of vanilla flavoured essential oil
5 drops of cinnamon flavoured essential oil
3 black tea bags, with the strings cut off
1 Tablespoon pumpkin or apple pie spice (optional)
1 mason or jam jar (I used a 12.5 ounce Weck jar)


1. Mix all the citrus spices, ginger pieces, cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, peppercorns, cloves and star anise together. Add drops of the essential oils and lightly toss the dry mix.
2. If using the pumpkin or apple pie spice, spoon this into the bottom of the empty mason jar. Place the dry mix into the jars. Top with the 3 black tea bags, then close the jar.
3. In order to make the potpourri, combine the contents of the jar with 2-3 cups of simmering water. Top with additional water as necessary.

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