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All You Need To Know About Perfectly Brewing Orange Mint Tea By Indias Tea

Summers are here, and what could be greater than having orange mint tea with friends. Here, we want to let you know about perfectly brewing orange mint tea. Believe us, and the recipe is refreshing and perfect. It is very easy to make; your family members and friends will certainly love this.

You can also prepare it early and put it in a fridge as it stores well in there. You can enjoy it cold and hot too. There are lots of benefits of consuming orange mint tea in your daily routine. We have mentioned some of the benefits; make sure you take a look at them.

5 Benefits of Indiastea Orange Mint Tea:

1. Fresh Breath
2. Tension headache relief
3. Lower nasal congestion
4. Improved digestion
5. Energy booster

How to make perfect Orange Flavored Mint Tea?

1) First, you take some water and boil it.
2) You need to add respective teaspoons of orange mint tea (180ml water per teaspoon), and boil it to 80-90’C.
3) Now, steer it well for approx. 3 minutes or as per the taste.
4) Strain the mixture into cups.

Other benefits:

1) Mint is rich in nutrients as it is a good source of vitamin A. Also, it is excellent for eye health and night vision.
2) Another benefit of using mint in tea is that it may enhance irritable bowel syndrome. It is a common digestive disorder. Also, some research has proved that taking mint can improve the symptoms of IBS sufferers.
3) Some studies have shown that consuming mint may improve the brain functionalities such as memory retention and alertness.


People can have Orange-mint Indiastea throughout the day. The ingredient is naturally caffeine-free; that means it does not affect a person’s sleep. In addition, the tea contains no calories; hence, one can use it as an alternative to soft drinks, soda, fruit juices and any other sugary drinks.

The tea is safe for people and it can be consumed by any age group. However, we strongly advise not to have it many times in a day, as it can lead to heartburn for some people. Otherwise, it is best for summers and adds refreshment to your daily life.

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