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5 Must Try Tea in India:

For Indians chai is more than a just daily dose of caffeine; it is entrenched in our culture. From office pressure to neighborhood gossip, chai accompanies every party of an average Indian.

Being the second largest producer of Tea, it would be apt to say that India is nothing less than Haven for my fellow tea lovers.
We have gathered 5 must-try tea blends from all around the country

>Darjeeling tea:
Darjeeling tea is also known as the ‘champagne of teas’ is one of the most renowned teas of the world. People all over the world are gaga over the astringent tannic characteristics and a musky spiciness of this tea. Traditionally these are consumed as black tea but some even prefer green and oolong variety as well. Darjeeling tea is fondly also known as ‘muscatel’.

>Kahwa tea:
This Kashmiri special tea is a traditional preparation of spiced green tea. It is immensely popular in Central Asia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. It is prepared by boiling green tea leaves with a range of spices, including cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, and the lovely crunch of nuts like almonds it is undoubtedly a perfect winter tea. It is best served with light snacks

>Sheer chai:
Sheer chai or noon chai is a unique salt tea from the Kashmiri valleys. It is a little underrated I must say. It is indeed a delicacy of velvety aroma and mind sweetness which enlivens your senses with utmost pleasure. It has a beautiful pink colour which is a treat for the eyes. It is best served with bread and other baked savories.

>Gur Gur chai:
Gur Gur Chai, or butter tea, is a specialty tea found in certain Himalayan regions. It is said to the star of Tibetan culture. This tea is also a type of salt tea. It has a special ingredient called the yak butter added for the special flavor. It is a very heavy tea; it is considered the best remedy for dehydration and cold. Hence it is one like a must for people living in high ranges.

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