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3 Simple Ways To Make Loose Leaf Tea Without An Infuser

how to brew loose leaf tea without infuser

In the last blog post, we discussed few ways to make loose leaf tea with an infuser. But suppose, you just picked up loose leaf at the store (or you ordered a FREE sample from our online store) and forgot to pick up a tea ball infuser. What will you do then?

Read on, for I will be listing three cool ways to make loose leaf tea without an infuser in this post.

1. Strain It

If you have two cups and a strainer, then this is the best way to enjoy your tea without the infuser.

What will you need?  2 Cups & A Strainer


1. Pour loose tea leaves in a cup.
2. Pour hot water and steep it till the recommended time.
3. Now take another cup and put a strainer on it.
4. Pour the tea in this cup from the previous cup.
5. Enjoy ! your tea is ready.

2. Steep In A Cup

What to do if you don’t even have a strainer? Simply, prepare it the Chinese way by placing the tea leaves directly into the hot water for infusion. This is the most popular method of preparing tea in China.

What will you need?  A cup/ jug (& bit of patience while drinking)


1. Pour hot water into the cup.
2. Pour your favorite loose tea into it
3. Wait and see the tea leaves dance and finally settle down at the bottom of your cup.
4. Drink when it’s ready.

However, the tea prepared by this method will be a little hard to drink for someone not used to drinking this way. Because tiny bits of leave will float on the surface. You can avoid the tea leaves hitting your lips by blowing a bit in your cup. As you blow, you will see the tea leaves moving to the other side of the teacup. You can then drink from the clearer side.

3. Make Your Own Tea Bag

I know you prefer having loose leaf tea. But for a change, why not make your own tea bag?

What will you need?

All you would need is a piece of cheesecloth or muslin cloth. You might be using it for preparing soup and stocks. If you don’t have it, nor worry. It’s easily available in the grocery department.

Method :

1. Cut a piece of cheesecloth cloth (usually around 3 inches by 3 inches ) into a square piece. Remember you should make it a bit larger for your tea leaves to expand. For complete DIY Tutorial check this blog post by Janel
2. Scoop about a teaspoon ( or whatever amount you prefer )of loose lead tea inside it. Now, tie the corners to close the mouth.
3. Now pour hot water in a cup.
4. Dip your tea bag inside it and enjoy your cup of tea.


I have shown three easy ways to brew loose leaf tea without an infuser. My aim was to demonstrate how simple making a cup of tea can be. Even if you are traveling and don’t have access to your teawares, you can still enjoy your cup of tea. All you need is hot water, loose tea, and a cup to drink.

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