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22 Amazing Gift Ideas For Tea Lovers

All true tea lovers not only like their tea strong, but like it a little stronger with each year that passes.
            – George Orwell

I’m sure all the tea lovers out there would agree with this quote by George Orwell. Don’t you?

Between tradition and innovation, past and future, tea is always there to make us feel better!

You might as well have friends or family members or office colleagues who love tea just as much as you do. Confused how to delight your tea buddies? Here is a list of amazing gift ideas for all the tea lovers. The items are fancy yet useful. All the tea lovers will definitely love it. Take a look!

1. Teapot and cup in one


Now, this is a perfect gift for those who like to spend quali-tea time with themselves.
It is perfect for a single serving and it saves space as well. The lidded teapot rests in the cup which rests on top of the saucer. The porcelain floral tea for one set looks very attractive.

2. Cookie Mug


We do like to team our tea with some cookies. A cookie mug looks really cute and is very useful. You may buy a googly-eyed monster dunk mug or a face mug cookie holder.
A nice funky gift item for your buddies.

3. SmarTea Tea Set


The SmarTea tea set will appeal to the design loving tea drinkers. It has a glass body, matte stainless steel lid and a warmer.
The candle holder helps to keep the tea warm. Your tea stays warm for many hours in the warmer, so you can have several cups of tea with your friends without worrying about the tea getting cold.

4. Teaspoons


Teaspoons are the basic tea accessories. You can’t do without it. There are some really nice customized teaspoons available which you can gift. Some of them have teapots on the handle, others have hearts or minions on the handle. Or you may even gift a personalized silver plated teaspoon with your choice of words hand-stamped onto the spoon face.

5. Mr. Tea Infuser


Mr. Tea infuser is a super cute and ideal tea time companion. He’ll brew you a cup of tea while relaxing in the water. Tea drinkers will adore this! You just have to load his silicone pants, perch him in your cup, relax for a minute as he does the work, and then relish your cup of tea.

6. Porcelain Tea for Two Set


Perfect gift item for couples! They’ll enjoy sharing a cup of tea with their significant other, taking turns in sipping tea. Thereby, creating a stronger bond. The cup is split in two with a handle on each end. Creative, isn’t it?

7. Dr. Who Teapot


For those tea lovers who are also die-hard Dr. Who fans, this teapot is a must-have.
TARDIS teapot will take them back in time!
The lid helps keep the heat from escaping, so they’ll be able to enjoy their tea for much longer. Also, it’ll make a beautiful centerpiece for the dining table.

8. A Russian Samovar


The “Samovar” literally means self-boiler. It has been used for centuries and is traditionally heated with coal or charcoal. But many newer Samovars use electricity. Antique Samovars are often prized for their beautiful workmanship. Now, this a perfect gift for an art lover!

9. Tea Stick


It’s simplicity attracts!
It has a drawer for tea leaves. You just have to place the tea stick in a cup of hot water and let the tea steep through the holes at the bottom.
Smart and Tea-rrific design!

10. Cntrl-Alt-Del Cup Set


These cups look like giant keys of the keyboard when they are upside down.
A perfect gift item for your office colleagues maybe.
After enjoying their cup of tea, they can set it back to the circuit board like a tray. Makes great for an office decor piece.

11. Afternoon Tea Stand


This tea stand has three tiers. You may fill it with sandwiches, pastries, chocolates, cupcakes and macaroons. It will look beautiful at the party table.
A fancy gift item for all the social butterflies.

12. Digital Measuring Spoon


You must know the right measurements for a perfect cup of tea. The tea shouldn’t be too strong or too weak. The digital measuring spoon makes sure you get it just right without any guesswork.

13. Rose Teapot Set


The rose teapot set not only looks beautiful, but each petal of it blossoms with multipurpose functionality. There’s a plate, a large bowl, two cups, a strainer, a scoop. And the teapot is a separate item. Perfect for two friends to share!

14. Tea bag pocket mug


These stoneware mugs are designed with pockets in which you can place your tea bags after using it. You don’t really have to get up from your couch just to dispose off the tea bag.
After a tiring day at work, this feels like a blessing! Right?
Also, each mug is hand crafted and hence it’ll vary from the other mug of the same nature. Unique!

15. Blooming tea


The dried tea leaves are sewn together with one or more flowers and it looks like a bud. There are three varieties: peach green tea, jasmine green tea and chrysanthemun green tea. When these are steeped in hot water, it blooms into a flower. And of course, along with you get a delicious cup of tea. It should be placed in a transparent teapot so that the flowering process is visible.
Looks very pretty and is an ideal gift for the sophisticated tea drinkers!

16. Travel Tea Mug

For all those busy bees out there, who travel a lot and don’t really have time to stop by for a cup of tea, this mug is a must have!
You just have to add tea leaves and water into it. Allow it to cool for a few moments and then you can place the cap and carry it anywhere. It has a built-in filter which allows you to brew your tea.

17. Magnetic Hourglass Tea timer and Infuser


We all want our cup of tea to be just right, neither too strong nor too weak. This tea infuser helps us to brew a perfect cup of tea. It has a built-in rotable hourglass timer. The timer is attached to the top of the stainless steel infuser with magnets and its glass contours are marked to indicate 1-5 minutes.
You just have to fill the infuser with tea leaves, place it in hot water and flip the hourglass. The hourglass lets you know how much time has elapsed, thereby helping you achieve the ideal brew.
Also, a drip stand is included in the set. After steeping, you can place the infuser in the drip stand so that the surfaces don’t get dirty.

18. Sweater Mug Hugger


Looks adorable and helps you keep the tea warm. It actually looks like a tiny sweater for your mug, with it’s tiny sleeves clipping around the mug for a hug!
The sweater even has a pocket in which you can place your tea bag after use.
You don’t always have to think of a lavish gift. Sometimes the little things are valued the most. Gift it to your dearest friend who needs a hug!

19. Striped Stoneware Pitcher Pot


The combination of a pitcher and a teapot is quite uniqe. It is handmade from creamy white stoneware and has multi-coloured stripes over it.
A beautiful gift item for a tea lover.

20. Library card mug
“Tea and books are always a good option.”
I like this innovative idea of making a ceramic mug look like an empty library card!
You may gift it to those who love books just as much as they love tea.

21. Donut warming mug

This porcelain mug has a lid with two holes. The bigger hole is for pouring the tea and the smaller one is for sipping it. After pouring the tea, you can set your donut on top of the lid. The steam escaping out of your tea will warm up the donut. Interesting!

22. Soma tea cup

Now this is a very modern kind of tea cup. It has a unique handle which makes it easy to carry. Also, it has a small cutout for the string of a tea bag so that it doesn’t fall into the base of the cup.

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