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Indiastea: Best Tea Brand in India

Indiastea is an online tea store that deals in different natural tea varieties. We are a trusted tea brand in India. We bring you healthy and fresh tea online from popular hilly areas such as Darjeeling, Assam & North-Eastl. As a tea company, we conclude tea not only as a morning drink, but also consider it as a healthy element that prevents us from several diseases.

With 20+ years of experience, we are aiming ahead to serve best quality tea to our consumers. Our vision is to take our online tea shop to every household and family in India. We believe in quality, and our consumers can certainly feel the taste, observe the colour, texture and purity of our quality tea. Our loose-leaf tea products are rich with various natural components which result in several health benefits.

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Raining Weather Calls for a Rose Oolong from Indias Tea

All products available on our website are genuine, natural and authentic; explore our tea items and order online!

Today is one of those days where a rose oolong was just what the doctor ordered.It has been raining non stop since Friday and we are starting to experience water in the basement and seeing flooding in our community.So as the rain continues and the thunderstorms start up, a flavored oolong sounds like perfection.

This particular Rose Oolong is from Indias Tea.The dry leaf of this blend is intoxicating.Fresh floral notes fill the air while this tea starts to steep and creates a gorgeous blend that I couldn’t wait to check out. Gorgeous sweet floral notes mingle marvelously with that familiar oolong flavor that I can always count on.

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Enjoy Indiastea with your family and experience the health benefits together.

At Indiastea, we offer a wide range of flavored teas that keep your taste buds engaged from the first sip. From our Pineapple Vanilla tea that gives you a peppery and exotic twist to the Chocolate Tea that provides for a guilt free indulgence, we have it all under one roof. Our flavored teas are intensely blended with passion and freshness and has come from obscurity to prominence so as to fit in every mug. Be it Chilli Chai’s lingering fiery splash or Orange Mint’s citrus hint, every slurp of it is here to give you flavor goals..

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Shopping with IndiasTea: Buy tea online!

Indiastea made it easy for the people of India to order tea online and taste the natural tea at their homes. You can purchase your favourite tea in different quantities, and book the same from our website.

All our products are natural, and serve best for daily consumption. For tea lovers, this is an eminent platform to buy one of the finest teas, and experience the taste of different heritage tea.

What our customer says

Indias tea have a variety of flavoured tea that iv fallen in love with. I love having a cup of tea to relax myself . Thesmell of the leaves before and after steeping – wonderfully fragrant! It’s a really good tea. A must try for all. I’ll definitelypurchase a new batch once i run out of the one’s im using now. Another plus point of this company is their prompt delivery of the product.

Nafis Adiba

Excellent collection of flavoured teas and prompt delivery. Definitely worth a try. What I like the most is that there is a flavour for everyone. That these teas have health benefits, is an added incentive.
Highly recommended!!

Amir Iqbal Ansari

Best Quality Tea Available at reasonable prices. Not only quality but extraordinary Variety yet affordable. One stop shop for All kinds of Tea. I Start my Mornings with Indias Tea. I give them 5 Star Rating.

Viekram Shharma

the products are amazing !!! they taste so good and are very refreshing 🤩✨

Aadishree Kanoria

Simply love the different flavours they offer, it suits everyone’s taste bud. Must try!!

Warisha Ansari

love the products! literally every flavour is available!❤️

Medha Kanoria